SS Port Darwin

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SS Port Darwin
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Name SS Port Darwin
Owner Commonwealth & Dominion Line Ltd. (Port Line)
Builder Workman Clark & Co Ltd, Belfast
Launched 1918
Completed 1918
In service 1918
Out of service 1949
Fate scrapped 1949
General characteristics
Type refrigerated cargo
Tonnage 8,179 tons
Length 480 ft 4 in (146.41m)
Beam 60 ft 3 in (18.36m)
Depth draught 32 ft 3in (9.83m)
Propulsion twin screw
Speed 14 knots (25.93 km/h)


Very little is known about this ship. I would appreciate any information to enable appropriate respect to be paid to this ship for its contribution to Australian service in the wars.

SS Port Darwin departed Sydney for the UK on 30 Apr 1918 carrying 493 AIF personnel. Following a pause at Albany in Western Australia she departed with only 233 AIF Personnel. On 14 Sep 1918 she again departed Sydney for the UK, this time with 389 AIF, 22 RAN, 1 Imperial staff and 2 New Zealand Chaplains. In Albany she picked up 12 AIF personnel and 1 Clerk for AIF

Suez to Fremantle via Southampton (?) 12 July - 17 August 1918

Soldiers carried

England to Fremantle 11 January - 4 March 1918

Albany to Portsmouth via Port Suez and Alexandria 8 May - 16 July 1918

Suez to Sydney 12 Jul - 17 August 1918

Sydney to Bombay 17 - 28 October 1918