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Staff and patients in No 2 RAAF Hospital 1944 - RAAF photo

Brief History

No. 2 RAAF Hospital was formed on 1 Oct 1940 at the Showgrounds, Ascot Vale, Victoria, and on 10 Mar 1941, the first operation was carried out. On 28 Feb 1942, the staff consisted of 20 officers, 26 nurses, and 124 airmen and airwomen. During February 1942 there had been significant changes to staff, as the volume of work had increased considerably owing to the Japanese invasion of the Far East.

There was a further increase in workload during March 1942 when members of the 2nd AIF and American personnel were admitted as the hospital was responsible for the medical examination of a growing number of returning Australian servicemen. Three additional wards were completed in March and the Hospital then had 442 beds. An influenza epidemic which resulted in a steady increase in the number of admissions, including a number of staff, caused problems in April 1942. Patients suffering from measles, mumps and influenza formed the majority of inpatients at the Hospital in June. At one stage, over 170 inpatients were suffering from measles.

During October 1942, instructions were issued that all surgical cases of a major nature were to be treated at 6 RAAF Hospital, and during January 1944, the number of inpatients at 2 RAAF Hospital declined, mainly due to the transfer of all long-term cases and all non-infectious skin cases to 6 RAAF Hospital. Christmas 1944 saw staffing levels and workloads stabilise as the total number of inpatients dropped considerably. The work of the inpatient department was about average but the work of the outpatient department had increased considerably due to the large number of examinations performed on servicemen ready for discharge on U1e conclusion of hostilities. The unit was disbanded on 10 May 1946.




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