No. 1 RAAF Recruiting Centre

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New WAAAF enlistees Dec 1942 AWM photo Vic 1472

Brief History

The No. 1 Recruiting Centre was formed at the Radio School Technical College, on Latrobe Street, on 17 Sep 1939. It moved to Flinders Street on 29 Nov 1939. The unit was to recruit personnel for RAAF musterings. The establishment was 15 officers, 10 medical and 74 other ranks. Two mobile recruiting units, 1A and 1B, commenced operations in country districts of Victoria on 16 Mar 1940 and on 22 Mar the Centre moved to Vaughan House on Queen Street. On 5 Apr 1941 it moved again, this time to the Preston Motors Building at the comer of Russell and Little Collins Streets.

Recruiting of WAAAF commenced in September 1941 for entry into the non-technical musterings such as clerks, teleprinter operators, mess stewards and storehands. In December 1942 the WAAAF opened its own recruiting and enquires bureau in Maples Street, Prahran. In March 1944 WAAAF recruiting was moved to the Women's Employment Bureau. Total recruitments were 48,430 ground staff, 13,128 aircrew and 6,541 WAAAFs. ln August 1945 the Recruiting Centre ceased to function as a separate unit and it was officialy disbanded in October.



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