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January 1943 El Shatt, Suez, Egypt. Personnel of HQ aif---AIF (ME) Details doing physical training while awaiting embarkation for Australia.

Brief History

In November 1940 when the 6th Infantry Division moved to Egypt it created a Reception Camp at Ikingi Maryut to receive, hold and dispatch to units in the division any reinforcements and returnees from hospitals and courses. When it advanced into Libya in December it left behind a detachment which was to form the permanent AIF (ME) Staging Camp. They moved to Amiriya in June 1941, and in October to Kantara, remaining there until June 1942 when they moved to Beirut. In July they moved to Alexandria in July and to Sidi Bishr in October. In January 19433 they had moved to Kilo 89 Camp as the 9th Division and associated units prepared for their return to Australia during February 1943.

In January 1944 the unit has appeared at Mareeba in Queensland, moving to Wongabel in March, and in May to Warwick. In September 1944 the unit is at Strathpine and during the following month they were renamed1st Base Sub Area Details Depot before being absorbed into 2nd Australian Corps Reception Camp which moved to Wongabel. In early 1945 the unit is formed into four detachments, with A Detachment moving to Morotai in April to join the invasion of Tarakan, B Detachment to Morotai in April with the Headquarters, C Detachment to Morotai in May before landing at Labuan , and D Detachment supporting the invasion of Balikpapan in July. These detachments remined dispersed until the end of the war.

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