3rd Australian Ambulance Train

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Brief History

In June 1941 the New South Wales Government Railways converted two train sets (4'8½" gauge) for military use as hospital trains. Handed over in February 1942 hey were manned by units known as 2nd Australian Ambulance Train and 3rd Australian Ambulance Train which had been raised at the Sydney Showground.

Prior to being handed over to the US Army for their un\e in April 1943, the 3rd Australian Ambulance Train generally worked the Clapham (QLD)/Sydney main line and the Wallangarra (Qld)/Newcastle line from a base at Singleton. When the US forces had returned the train in June 1944 it was significantly upgraded and thus it became the main train on NSW lines. The unit was reactivated at Hornsby, and received many men from the 2nd Australian Ambulance Train. Now, with a capacity of 44 patients, complete with an Operating Theatre with beds for 24 patients. It continued to work the Clapham/Sydney/Albury route until the end of the war.



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