113th Australian Convalescent Depot

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113th Aust Convalescent Depot CO's hut.jpg
CO's hut at Morotai May 1945 AWM photo I09331
113th Aust Convalescent Depot Library.jpg
Library at Kotaki, PNG AWM Photo 07154 by MB Rogers
Name 113th Australian Convalescent Depot
Where formed Brisbane
Locations Redbank 1942, Port Moresby, Sogeri Valley PNG, Morotai 1945

General Information

The unit formed at Grovely in Brisbane during February 1942 before boarding SS Canberra in Brisbane for Port Moresby, arriving there on 17 Mar 1942. A Red Cross convalescent home at Rouna became the 113th Convalescent Depot. In September 1943 the Convalescent Depot had moved to Koitaki in the Sogeri Valley, mid way between Port Moresby and Owen's Corner. By September they had expanded to 1,000beds, and with the advance of the Japanese along the Kokoda Trail they did move to Murray Barracks for a short time before returning to Koitaki in October once the advance had been turned back . Many of its occupants were recovering from scrub typhus, which had only an 89% survival rate. In April 1944 they moved to 17 Mile camp following the transfer of Australian activity to the Lae area.

The 113th Australian Convalescent Depot returned to Australia in June 1944 for leave and to prepare for a role north of New Guinea. It moved to Morotai during June 1945 to service those hospital at Morotai, Labuan and Balikpapan.

Two members of staff died, both of illness.

Colour Patch for 113th Australian Convalescent Depot


Rouna, PNG

Sogeri Valley PNG

Morotai Dutch East Indies

Honours and Awards

The long term CO of the unit was Mentioned in Despatches twice as was Captain AE Fittock. Two members of staff died, both of illness.


Content has come from The Unit Guide - Volume 4 - The Australian Army 1939-1945, page 4.156 & 4.157 - Graham R McKenzie-Smith - Big Sky Publishing - 2018