Welshpool District Roll of Honour

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Monument Details
Name Welshpool District Roll of Honour
Location Mounted to a wall in the Canning RSL Clubhouse.
Dedication Date unknown


Names those who served in World Wars 1 and 2 who lost their lives.



Jarrah Board flanked on each side by timber columns and top and bottom by timber shaped to add decorum to the modestly sized memorial.

Monument Details

World's Wars I and II Roll of Honour Welshpool District

1914 - 18

1939 - 45

  • Beard R.E.
  • Dumont F.J.
  • Page K.A.
  • Page R.A.
  • Roberts W.C.
  • Smith C.T.
  • Smith D.R.

In Honour of Men of the Welshpool District Who Paid the Supreme Sacrifice.