St George Medal (Russian)

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Medal of St. George 2nd class


The St. George Medal. A Russian bravery award for merit in combat. Associated with their Order of St. George, but ranking below the St George Cross.

The medal was awarded for merit to other Allied soldiers as well as to Russians. Records do not show how William or Bernard'ss bravery was distinguished from many others involved in the same actions. William was recommended for a bravery award on 21 Aug 1916, and it was awarded on 3 Sep 1916 so it did not need to go through many levels of military HQs before a decision was made.[1]


The St. George Medal came in four classes, Gold medallions for 1st and 2nd class. Silver medallions for 3rd and 4th. A bow on the ribbon denoted 1st class and 3rd. From this and the illustration we might conclude that William's award was 2nd Class.

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  1. Recommendation date: 21 August 1916, awarded 3 Sep 1916. Source: 'Commonwealth Gazette' No. 62, page 1542 , position 22 Dated: 25 July 1917.

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