SS Llanstephan Castle

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SS Llanstephan Castle
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Llanstephan Castle at Tilbury
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Name SS Llanstephan Castle
Owner Union-Castle Mail Steamship Co. Ltd., London
Builder Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd., Govan
Launched 29 Aug 1913
Completed 21 Jan 1914
In service 1914
Out of service 1952
Fate broken up 1 Mar 1952
General characteristics
Type Passenger Liner
Tonnage 11,293 tons
Length 500.5 ft (152.55m)
Beam 63.3 ft (19.29m)
Depth 37.2 ft (11.34m)
Propulsion twin screw
Speed 14 knots (25.93 km/h)
Capacity 250 crew and 429 passengers


Owned by the Union Castle Mail Steamship Co she carried a crew of 250. Capable of carrying 213 First class, 116 Second class, and 100 Third class passengers. In 1917 she was requisitioned and refitted as a troopship and used as such until the end of the war.

After the war she returned to African duties until she had a refit in 1938 during which she was converted to oil. During WW2 she operated as a troopship, but also carried evacuees at other times. From 1941 on she was based in the Far East, transferred to the Indian Navy ofr management.

After WW2 she returned to Union Castle control, and in 1947 was refitted as a two class liner for African service. In March 1952 she was retired and scrapped by John Cashmore Ltd. at Newport, Monmouthshire in Wales.

Soldiers carried

England to Fremantle 15 February - 8 April 1918