SS Dongola

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SS Dongola
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Name SS Dongala
Owner Peninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Company
Builder Barclay, Curie & Co.
Launched 14 Sep 1904
Completed November 1905
In service 15 Nov 1905
Out of service 1926
Fate Sold for scrap 1926
General characteristics
Type Ocean liner
Tonnage 4723 tons
Length 470 feet (143.3 metres
Beam 56.25 feet (17.15 metres)
Depth 27.75 feet (8.49 metres)
Propulsion twin screw
Speed 15.5 knots (28.71 km/h)
Capacity 150 1st class, and 100 2nd class passengers


Owned by Peninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Company, she had been designed as a seasonal troop ship and was frst used for that purpose in July 1906, and was used in that manner until the outbreak of WW1. During the war she was a British Hospital ship, staffed by nurses including some Australian and New Zealand nurses. Dongola served in the Dardanelles campaign and visited Anzac, Suvla and Cape Helles in 1915, taking patients to Alexandria in Egypt and to Malta. Used later as a Troopship as per the photo, returning troops from the Middle East to Australia.

In 1919 she was engaged in transferring personnel from England to Russia and bringing back refugees from the Russian civil war. handed back to her owners in October 1920 she was refitted for her civilian use on the London - Bombay route, On 20 May 1922 she was involved in a severe collision with a Japanese ship the Kumana Maru. Damaged she was beached before being towed to a dry dock for repairs.

Soldiers carried

Off Gallipoli acting as a Hospital Ship

England to Fremantle 24 July - 17 August 1919