SS City of Karachi

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SS City of Karachi
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Name SS City of Karachi
Owner Ellerman & Bucknall Steamship Co, London
Launched 1905
Completed 1905
In service 1905
Out of service 1933
Fate scrapped in Japan
General characteristics
Type passenger / cargo ship
Tonnage 5,766 tons
Speed 16.5 knots (30.56 km/h)


The outbreak of the 1914-1918 World War saw the government requisition a large number of the Ellerman fleet for use as troop carriers, munitions carriers, or for conversion into war ships. The Ellerman group of companies continued to operate a skeletal service with the ships it had left.

The last convoy left Australia in November 1918 with 1241 personnel. While two of the three ships of this convoy left Australia before the signing of the Armistice, SS City of Karachi left Melbourne on 30 November and sailed to England. It is unlikley that she was carrying troops as the other ships with troops aboard were recalled.

Renamed SS Karachi Maru in 1933 for voyage to shipbreakers in Japan.

City of Karachi 1.jpg
Karachi Maru on her way to Japan 31 May 1933

List of soldiers carried

England to Fremantle 24 August - 24 October 1918