SS Alfred C True

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SS Alfred C True
SS Alfred C True.jpg
Standard Liberty C2 ship
Builder Permanente Metals, Richmond, California
Completed 15 Jan 1944
In service 1944
Out of service 1947
In service 1947
Out of service 1970
Fate sold in 1947 and scrapped in 1970
General characteristics
Type Liberty EC2 Cargo
Tonnage 10,856 tons
Length 134.57m
Beam 17.3m
Depth 8.5m
Propulsion 2,500 HP
Speed 11 knots
Capacity crew of 44 and 12 - 25 Naval personnel to operate the guns.


A Liberty Ship. One of 2,700 built to replace shipping being sunk in the North Atlantic battel with U Boats. Original life span was expected to be five years only.

  • One 3 inch bow gun
  • One 4or 5 inch stern gun
  • Two 37 mm bow guns
  • Six 20 mm machine guns

Soldiers carried

Sydney to Lae, Papua New Guinea 1 Mar - 13 Jun 1944