Phillipines Liberation Medal

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Established on December 20, 1944, the Philippine Liberation Medal is an award issued by the Philippine government to recognize service personnel who contributed to efforts in the liberation of the Philippine Islands during World War II. To be eligible, service must have taken place between October 17, 1944 and September 3, 1945. The following proceedings qualify:

  • Initial landing operations at Leyte and nearby islands between October 7 and October 20, 1944
  • Combat against Japanese forces on Leyte and nearby islands between October 17, 1944 and September 2, 1945
  • A term of service of a least 30 days in the Philippines or in the surrounding waters during the eligible term


The ribbon is red and features a vertical dark blue stripe right of center adjacent to a vertical white stripe left of center.



Content for the history and honours sections has come from a combination of Wikipedia and the Australian War Memorial websites.


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