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Brief History

Six Embarkation Depots, later to be known as Personnel Depots, were established by the RAAF during World War 2. The principal function of these Depots was to house personnel awaiting embarkation for overseas posts and to ensure that, before departure, they were medically and dentally fit, vaccinated, inoculated and properly equipped. RAF. Royal New Zealand Air Force and Netherlands East Indies Air Force personnel, wives of personnel and Empire Air Training Scheme personnel were also processed through these units.

In addition personnel disembarking from the Far East passed through the Depots. After being medically examined, X-rayed, equipped and checked and having records taken, personnel were interviewed by Air Board staff and sent on disembarkation leave. Personnel who were staying at the Depots for a period of time were often detailed to work on the wharves, or to RAAF bases to assist with aerodrome defence works. Ongoing courses were run at the Depots. and covered subjects such as weapons training. unarmed defence, ship and aircraft recognition and aerodrome defence.

The No. 2 Embarkation Depot was formed at Bradfield Park, Lindfield, New South Wales, on 1 Aug 1940. The name of the unit changed to No. 2 Personnel Depot RAAF in May 1944. Tropical service and hardening courses were run at the Depot, and prisoners of war began arriving from Singapore in October 1945. The RAAF Discharge Squadron of No.2 Personnel Depot eventually moved to the Royal Agriculture Showgrounds, Moore Park, as a section of the Combined Services Dispersal Centre, to effect final discharge action. The unit ceased to function at the end of October 1946.

Personnel Proceeding Overseas

Sent to units within Australia


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