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RAAF Base Nhill 1945

Brief History

No. 2 Air Navigation School was formed at Mount Gambier, South Australia, on 1 Jul 1941. The five Anson aircraft with which the School was to be equipped arrived on the 12th. The first course of trainees commenced training on 28 July. On 15 September, the staff and students transferred by road to Nhill, Victoria. The base had been built from fresh in 8 weeks for an estimated cost of $125,000 to house 302 staff and 42 trainees.

All the personnel and aircraft of the School had moved to Nhill by 19 Sep 1941, to enable the first course to be conducted at the new base to commence on the 22nd. This course graduated on 16 November, with each trainee averaging 31 hours 15 m111utes flying time. No. 1 Operational Training Unit was raised at Nhill on 8 Dec 1941, and shared the base with 2 Air Navigation School until it moved to Sale on 15 Feb 1942. On 8 Jun 1942, No. 97 (Reserve) Squadron was formed from unit personnel, and they were to have 15 Anson aircraft on its strength.

Commencing on 18 Sep 1943, six pilots from Australian National Airlines, Guinea Airlines and McRoberston and Miller Airlines participated in the astro-navigation course at the School. The school used Fairey Battles, Tiger Moths, Wirraways, Oxford, Beauforts and Lockheed Hudsons while it was stationed at Nhill. After graduating 2,002 trainees, No. 2 Air Navigation School was disbanded on 9 Dec 1943. On 14 February 1944, the unit's aircraft, instructors and trainees left Nhill headed for West Sale. The following day a special troop train transported all the remaining personnel, stores and equipment to West Sale.



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