No. 1 Air Gunnery School RAAF

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Brief History

Air Gunnery School's task was to train wireless air gunners and other RAAF personnel in air gunnery. The unit began with the aircraft from No. 3 Bombing and Gunnery School, including the Avro Anson, Ryan Trainer and Fairey Battle aircraft.

Problems with ageing aircraft continued at the School, as Corporal C. B. Keys was killed on 18 May 1944 in Ryan A50-12, which crashed due to a structural defect. Another crash involving a drogue-carrying Fairey Battle aircraft caused the death of its pilot on 16 Aug 1944, whilst the drogue operator successfully parachuted to safety.

On 9 Nov 1945 ground training at the School ceased as the Ground Training Squadron was closed down, followed by the formation on 28 November of the Care and Maintenance (Aircraft) Section. On 31 Dec 1945, Air Gunnery School ceased to function.

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