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1940/41. Group of armourers with bombs and mechanisms, No. 14 Squadron RAAF - AWM P00296.034

Brief History

Formed on 6 Feb 1939 as a maritime patrol squadron, with six Avro Anson aircraft, it conducted training exercises in preparation for the outbreak of war. it was based at RAAF Pearce, flying many patrols along the coast of WA including between Derby and Wyndham in late 1939. In January 1940, along with aircraft from No. 25 Squadron, a detachment of planes was based at Albany to protect a convoy carrying the 2nd AIF. This was repeated each time convoys needed maritime protection. During May 1940 the Avro Anson aircraft were replaced by Lockheed Hudson aircraft which had superior performance and were better suited to maritime patrol tasks.

From early 1941 the Squadron was tasked with providing anti-submarine patrols along the WA coast without ever sighting any. However, on 3 Mar 1942 a Hudson from the squadron was destroyed by Japanese aircraft in a raid on Broome. In December 1942 the squadron was re-equipped with Bristol Beaufort aircraft. On several occasions probable threats of enemy activity caused higher patrol workloads, but by 1945 patrol activity was declining and on 23 May 1945 the squadron ceased making regular anti-submarine patrols.

Following the war the squadron was disbanded at RAAF Pearce on 10 Dec 1945. During the war the squadron suffered the loss of 35 members through accidents.

Flying Personnel

Ground Crew

Individual Honours

  • 1 x Distinguished Flying Cross and bar
  • 1 x Mention in Despatches


Content for the history and honours sections has come from a combination of Wikipedia and the Australian War Memorial website.

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