King's South Africa Medal

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A British campaign medal issued to all British and Colonial personnel who served in the Second Boer War and who were in the theatre on or after 1 Jan 1902 and who had completed 18 months service in the conflict. Always awarded with a Queens South Africa Medal. Sought to recognise those who length of time, and being there towards the end had made a contribution to the outcome.

Two clasps were awarded:

"SOUTH AFRICA 1901" - For service in South Africa between 1 January 1901 and 31 December 1901.

"SOUTH AFRICA 1902" - For service in South Africa between 1 January 1902 and 31 May 1902.

As Australian troops had returned to Australia prior to 1 Jan 1902, it is unlikely that any were awarded the King's Medal.


The King's South Africa Medal is a silver disk, 38 millimetres (1.5 inches) in diameter and 3 millimetres (0.12 inches) thick.

Obverse The obverse shows King Edward VII, in Field Marshal's uniform and facing left, with the legend "EDWARDVS VII REX IMPERATOR" around the upper perimeter.

Reverse The reverse shows Britannia holding the Union Flag in her left hand and a laurel wreath in her right hand. In the right background are troops marching inland from the coast. In the left background are two men-of-war, with Neptune's Trident and Britannia's shield on the ground in the foreground. Around the top perimeter are the words "SOUTH AFRICA". The reverse is identical to the third version reverse of the Queen's South Africa Medal, with the wreath almost touching the "F" of "AFRICA".



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