King's Silver Wound Badge

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The Silver War Badge was issued to service personnel who had been honourably discharged due to wounds or sickness from military service in World War I. The large sterling silver lapel badge was intended to be worn on civilian clothes. The decoration was introduced as an award of "King's silver" for having received wounds or injury during loyal war service to the Crown's authority. To be worn on the right breast while in civilian dress, it was forbidden to wear the badge on a military uniform.


The badge bears the royal cipher of "GRI" (for Georgius Rex Imperator; George, King and Emperor) and around the rim "For King and Empire - Services Rendered". Each badge was uniquely numbered on the reverse. Silver War Badges issued by the Empire's dominion nations had their identification numbers on the reverse prefixed with the first letter of the issuing nation: Australia with the letter 'A'.


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