HS Jan Breydel

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HS Jan Breydel
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Jan Beydel in razzle dazzle camouflage paint.
Name HS Jan Breydel
Owner Regie voor Maritiem Transport
Builder Cockerill's of Hoboken
Yard number 493
Launched January 1909
In service 7 May 1909
Out of service 4 Nov 1931
Fate scrappped 1933
General characteristics
Type cross channel ferry
Tonnage 1,767 ons
Length 108.81m
Beam 12.90m
Depth 7.07m draft 2.90m
Speed 24 knots (44.45 km/h)
Capacity 1,100 passengers


Owned by the Belgium company, Regie voor Maritiem (Oostende Lines) and operating on the Oostende - Dover route. Jan Breydel evacuated Elisabeth of Bavaria, Queen of Belgium and the royal children to Dover on 28 August 1914. She was also carrying some of the Belgium gold reserve. On 6 Oct 1914 she carried many of the Belgium Diplomatic Corps from Antwerp to Ostend and then to Le Havre.

She was later used as a hospital ship to evacuate wounded from France and Belgium to England, and returni8ng with soldiers to France between 18 Oct 1914 and 30 Mar 1915. Jan Breydel was then used as a stationary Hospital Ship in Calais, before resuming her cross channel hospital service. A total of 798 voyages until 31 Dec 1918 carrying 18,133 wounded and 16,841 troops

She carried a Medical staff of 2 Officers, 1 Warrant officer, 4 Nursing Sisters and 28 Medical Corps personnel, and was able to handle 6 Officer casualties, 36 in cots and 116 in berths. She acted as a Hospital Ship from 27 Aug 1915 until 1 Aug 1919. At the conclussion of hostilities she carried Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig and his staff from Boulogne to Dover and then assisted with the repatriation of British troops until July 1919 when she underwent a refit. On 2 Aug 1919 she was handed back to her owners.

On 24 Sep 1921 she collided in dense fog with the Norwegian ship Salina three miles (5 km) off the South Goodwin Lightship, wih limited damage to herself whle the Salina sank within three minutes. Sold on 4 Nov 1931 to a Tunisian firm and renamed Tourist for a proposed North African coastal service. Underwent an expensive refit that the owner defaulted on and she then remained n Antwerp until sold by creditors in 1933 to Ghent ship breakers.

List of soldiers carried

France to England 15 July 1916

Boulogne, France to England 22 July 1916

Boulogne, France to England 8 August 1916

Boulogne to England 21 August 1916

Boulogne, France to England 1 September 1916

France to England 8 September 1916

Boulogne, France to England 17 November 1916

France to England 3 December 1916

France to England 18 December 1916

Boulogne to England 7 February 1917

France to England 5 June 1917

Boulogne, France to England 6 June 1917

France to England 28 October 1917

France to England 1 February 1918

Boulogne, France to England 16 February 1918

France to England 24 March 1918

France to England 31 March 1918

Calais, France to England 2 April 1918

France to England 5 April 1918

France to England 13 December 1918

Boulogne to England 15 Jan 1919

France to England 13 February 1919