HMT Victoria

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HMT Victoria
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Name HMT Victoria
Owner Pacific Steam Navigation Co. Ltd., Liverpool
Builder Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd., Govan
Yard number 420
Launched 2 Jun 1902
Completed 1902
In service 5 Mar 1903
Out of service 1924
Fate Broken up mid 1924 at Hedrik-Ido-Ambacht
General characteristics
Type passenger liner
Tonnage 5,967 tons
Length 401.4 ft (122.33m)
Beam 52.3 ft (15.93m)
Depth 26.2 ft (7.98m)
Propulsion twin screw
Speed 13.5 knots (25 km/h)
Capacity 106 x 1st; 104 x 2nd; 595 x 3rd class


Built for Pacific Steam Navigation Company to serve their South American routes. Could carry 106 first class, 104 second class, and 595 third class passengers. On 23 Jul 1908 Victoria was involved in a collision in dense fog with Don Matias which sank.

During WW1 she was requisitioned by the British to act as a troop carrier from 1914 - 1918, with at least 1916 and 1917 spent ferrying units and reinforcements from England to France using Folestone as its base. Victoria was returned to her owners post war, and in 1923 she was scrapped in Holland.

Soldiers carried

England to Le Havre 14 October 1916

Folkestone to Le Havre 2 November 1916

Folkestone to Étaples 15 November 1916

Folkestone to Étaples 16 November 1916

England to Le Havre 4 December 1916

Folkestone to Étaples 13 December 1916

England to Le Havre 3/4 February 1917