HMT Princess Victoria

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HMT Princess Victoria
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Name HMT Princess Victoria
Owner Portpatrick and Wigtownshire Railways, Stranraer
Builder William Denny & Bros, Dumbarton
Yard number 963
Launched 22 Feb 1912
Completed 20 Apr 1912
In service 1912
Out of service 1934
Fate Broken up at Stranraer, Scotland 1934
General characteristics
Type Steamer
Tonnage 1,678 tons
Length 300.6 ft (91.59m)
Beam 40.2 ft (12.24m)
Depth 16.5 ft (5.0m) draft 13.5 ft (4.09m)


Pre-war the Princess Victoria operated as a Railway Ferry between Strarraer (Scotland) and Larne, Northern Ireland.

In 1914 with the outbreak of war the Princess Victoria was requisitioned by the Admiralty to act as a Fleet Messenger, until 2 May 1915 when she was released back to her owners. However, it appears that she was then hired as a troop carrier used to transport men from southern Englsih ports to France.

Returned to her previos work, in 1923 her ownership changed wih the London, Midland & Scottish Railway, of Stranraer taking over her management until she was scrapped in 1934.

Soldiers carried

Folkestone to Étaples 4 December 1916

Folkestone to France 20 December 1916

Folkestone to France 28 December 1916

Folkestone to France 16 January 1917

Folkestone to France 4 February 1917

Folkestone to France 8 February 1917

Folkestone to Boulogne 9 February 1916

Folkestone to France 15 February 1917

Le Havre, France to England 22 April 1917