HMT Huntspill

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HMT Huntspill
HMT Huntspill.jpg
Name HMT Huntspill
Builder Lloyd Austriaco, Trieste
Launched 1904
General characteristics
Type Passenger / cargo
Tonnage 5,301 tons


Seized by the British at Alexandria. In 1915 she was transformed into a troopship, and in 1916 she collided with the Collier Robert Colvale. In 27 Feb 1921 the troopship SS Huntspill mysteriously sank at her moorings in Southampton before being sold back to Lloyd Triestino and renamed Asia. Broken up in Feb 1933 at Monfalcone.

Soldiers carried

England to Alexandria 26 Mar - 8 Apr 1916

Alexandria to Marseilles 7 - 14 June 1916