HMT Czaritza

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HMT Czaritza

HMT Czaritza

Builder/Built 1915 Barclay, Curie & Co Ltd
Type Passenger Liner
Displacement 6,852 tons
Speed 13 knots


The SS Kościuszko was a Polish passenger ship, named after Tadeusz Kościuszko. She was originally a liner named Tsarina, and later Lituania, before becoming the Kościuszko and afterwards Empire Helford.

It was ordered by the Russian American Line prior to the outbreak of World War I and was to serve as an ocean liner under the name SS Czaritza or Tsarina, operating with up to 1000 passengers between New York and Arkhangelsk. When finally placed in peacetime service it carried 712 passengers.

Launched in 1915 by Barclay, Curle & Co. Ltd., Glasgow, she served as a troop transport ship. Evacuated from Russia during the Russian Civil War, she was bought by Cunard Line in 1917 and was used as a troop transport between USA and Europe and between Great Britain and Malta.

Sold in 1946, it was scrapped in 1950. (In 1940 it was armed with 4 x 20mm Oerliken anti-aircraft guns.)

Soldiers carried

England to Alexandria 16 March - 7 May 1919