HMHS St Andrew

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HMHS St Andrew
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Pre war St Andrew in Fishguard harbour
Name HMHS St Andrew
Owner Fishguard & Rosslare Railway & Harbour Co, London
Builder John Brown & Co Ltd, Scotland
Yard number 382
Launched 19 Dec 1907
Completed April 1908
In service 1908
Out of service 1933
Fate scrapped
General characteristics
Type Cross Channel Ferry
Tonnage 2,495 tons
Length 351.1 ft (107.02m)
Beam 41.1 ft (12.53m)
Depth 24.8 ft (7.56m)
Propulsion three screws
Speed 21 knots (38.89 km/h)
Capacity 574 x 1st class, 426 x 2nd class


Owned by Great Western Railways for service as a cross channel ferry between Fishguard in Wales and Rosslare in Ireland. In 1914 it was one of the first ships taken over by the Ministry of Defence, and fitted out as a Military Hospital Ship. From 19 Aug 1914 until 25 May 1919 St Andrew was operating as ahospital ship. Her first trip was to Le Havre on 24 August 1914, though the first run back with patients, from Rouen (up the River Seine from Le Havre) was carried out by the St Andrew, carrying 63 lying and 147 sitting patients.

Staff comprised 4 Medical Officers, 4 Nurses and 26 other staff. She was capable of accommodating 16 Officers, 23 Cots and 155 Berths.

After the war it returned to its normal role, and was renamed Fishguard in 1932, before a year later, being sold for scrap.

Soldiers carried

Rouen France to England 29 July 1916

France to England 18 August 1916

France to England 4 September 1916

France to England October 1916

France to England 15 December 1916

Rouen to England 5 Jan 1917

Boulogne to England 2 March 1917

Boulogne to England 24 April 1917

France to England 14 May 1917

France to England 8 October 1917

France to England 11 October 1917

France to England 7 November 1917

France to England 15 January 1918

France to England June 1918

France to England 14 July 1918

France to England 3 March 1919