HMHS Cambria

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HMHS Cambria
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Name HMHS Cambria
Builder William Denny & Bros, Dumbarton, Glasgow
Yard number 574
Launched 4 August 1897
Out of service 11 June 1925
Fate scrapped
General characteristics
Type Irish Sea Ferry
Tonnage 1,862 tons
Length 329 ft (100.28m)
Beam 39.1 ft (11.92m)
Speed 21 knots (38.89 kmph)


Built for the London and North Western Railway for their Holyhead to Dublin service. Requisitioned by the Admiralty in 1914 as an Armed Boarding Steamer, and converted to a Hospital Ship after 21 Jul 1915. Worked the Dover to France service until May 1917 when she transferred to Holyhead to act as a hospital carrier between there and Dublin.

Returned to the cross Channel route in December 1917, this time as a troop carrier, before again moving back to the Holyhead - Dublin route as a troop carrier in February 1918. renamed TSS Arvonia in 1919. In August 1922 she was again requisitioned as a troopship, this time by the Irish Free State along with the SS Lady Wicklow, before being scrapped in 1925.

List of soldiers carried

Boulogne to England 22 July 1916

Boulogne to England 8 August 1916

Boulogne to England 14 December 1916

Boulogne to England 11 February 1917

Boulogne to England 25 February 1917

Boulogne to England 24 March 1917

France to England 4 February 1918

France to England 8 February 1918

France to England 24 February 1918

France to England 21 April 1918

France to England 17 June 1918

France to England 30 December 1918