HMHS Assaye

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HMHS Assaye
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Australian War Memorial P01840.007
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Name HMHS Assaye
Owner Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co.
Builder Caird & Company, Greenock
Yard number 292
Launched 7 Oct 1899
Completed 17 Dec 1899
Fate scrapped 1928
General characteristics
Type Passenger Liner
Tonnage 7,396 tons
Length 450 ft (137.16)
Beam 54.25 ft (16.54m)
Depth 26.3 ft (8.02m)
Propulsion twin screw
Speed 16 knots (29.63 kmph)


Owned by the Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company. Following her launch she was used as a Boer War transport, also used as a troop transport during the Boxer Rising in China, before becoming a peacetime Indian troopship. On 20th March 1904 she was in collision in thick fog with the American steamer New York off Hurst Castle in the Solent. Her starboard bow was severely damaged and the bowsprit of New York was carried away.

Only limited commercial use during 1908 - 14 before being hired by the Admiralty on 19 Aug 1914 first as a troop ship and then from 16 May 1915 until 2 Mar 1920 as a Hospital Ship. She carried 8 Medical Officers, 10 Nurses and 45 other medical staff to look after up to 8 Officer casualties, 100 in cots, and 333 in berths. Served until 2 Mar 1920.

In 1921 she carried troops to the Turkish troubles. She was then used during 1923/27 as an Indian troop ship, and in 1927 she carried the Devonshire Regiment to the Shanghai disturbances. She was converted into a hospital ship in Hong Kong and then in 1928 she reverted to being a troopship to bring the Coldstream Guards home from Shanghai. On 9th May 1928 she was sold to Stavanger Skibs Ophugnings Co. of Norway and sailed on 17th May 1928 for Stavanger for demolition.

Soldiers carried

Alexandria - Mudros 4 - 7 December 1915

Bombay to Cape Town 24 April - 12 May 1918

Haifa to Alexandria 9 - 11 October 1918

Tripoli to Alexandria ? November 1918