HMHS Aberdonian

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HMHS Aberdonian
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Name HMHS Aberdonian
Owner Aberdeen Steam Navigation Co. Ltd., Aberdeen
Builder D & W Henderson & Co., Glasgow
Yard number 466
Launched 23 Mar 1909
Completed May 1909
In service 1909
Out of service 1950
Fate broken up in Bombay in February 1950
General characteristics
Type passenger / cargo vessel
Tonnage 1,648 tons
Length 254.3 ft (77.51m)
Beam 36.2 ft (11.03m)
Depth 18.3 ft (5.58m)
Propulsion single screw


Built for the Aberdeen Steam Navigation Company. During WW1 she served as a Hospital Ship from 16 Oct 1915 till 16 Jun 1919. She carried 5 Medical Officers, a Warrant Officer and 4 Nurses along with 27 other medical staff. She could carry 6 Officer patients, 25 in cots and 214 sitting in berths.

Following WW1 the Aberdonian returned to her London to Aberdeen route. Between 1940 and 1945 she was used as a depot ship at Fort William and Dartmouth before being sold in 1946 to Peak Shipping Co. Ltd. (Lambert Bros. Ltd.), Hong Kong who renamed her Taishan Peak and then in 1948 to Shahi Steam Ship Co Ltd who renamed her again, this time to Parviz. In July 1948 she was damaged by a typhoon while in Hong Kong harbour and sold for scrap on 1 Dec 1949.

The bottom photo is of her aground at Cowbar on 18 Jun 1930 when she overshot the Skinningrove Jetty.

Soldiers carried

Rouen to England 22 January 1917

Boulogne to England 2 Mar 1917

Rouen to England 17 May 1917

Rouen to England 31 May 1917

Rouen to England 16 June 1917

Rouen to England 21 June 1917

Rouen to England 25 August 1917

England to Le Havre 10 Sep 1917

France to England 26 April 1918

France to England 8 Sep 1918

France to England 21 Nov 1918

France to England 6 December 1918