HMAT A7 Medic

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HMAT A7 Medic
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Name HMAT A7 Medic
Builder/Built 1899 Harland & Wolff,Belfast
Type Passenger / cargo vessel (twin screw)
Displacement 11,985 tons
Speed 14 knots


Built for the Oceanic Steam Navigation Co Ltd (White Star Line), and used on the UK to Sydney via Cape Town route. Capable of carrying 320 cabin class passengers. Her first return voyage involved carrying Victorian, Tasmanian and Western Australian troops to the Boer War.

Leased by the Commonwealth at the outset of WW1, she made six journeys from Australia as a troop ship, after which her management was transferred to he British Admiralty. The Medic was a participant in the 1st convoy from Albany to Egypt. On her return to Australia she was converted at Cockatoo Island Drydock to transport 531 troops and 500 horses.

In 1928 she was renamed Hektoria by new owners A/S Hektor (N. Bugge), Tønsberg and converted to a whale factory by H. & C. Grayson, Liverpool NO 13,834 tons. The ship was torpedoed and sunk by U-211 and U-608, on 11 Sep 1942, at 48.55N-33.38W, while on a voyage from Liverpool to New York, in ballast.

Soldiers carried

Fremantle to Alexandria 2 November - 5 December 1914

Note: Embarked from Fremantle on 31 October 1914 and anchored for two days before sailing on 2 November 1914, which is the date that appears on original records.

Fremantle to Alexandria 9 October 1915 - ??

Fremantle to Alexandria 18 January - 16 February 1916

Fremantle to Port Suez 31 March - 24 April 1916

Melbourne to Plymouth 20 May - 18 July 1916

Sydney to Halifax 1 August - 21 September 1917

England to Fremantle 24 August - 15 October 1918

England to Melbourne 10 April - 31 May 1919

Bombay to Fremantle 1 - 22 December 1919