HMAT A68 Anchises

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HMAT A68 Anchises
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Name HMAT A68 Anchises
Owner Ocean Steam Ship Co. Ltd (A. Holt & Co)
Builder Workman Clark & Co. Ltd. Belfast
Yard number 296
Launched 1911
Completed 10 Mar 1911
Out of service 28 Feb 1941
Fate Bombed and Sunk
General characteristics
Type passenger / cargo ship
Tonnage 10,046 tons
Length 493 ft (150.26m)
Beam 60.4 ft (18.41m)
Depth 37.1 ft (11.31m)
Propulsion twin screw
Speed 14 knots (25.93 kph)
Capacity 300 x 1st class


Owned by the Ocean SS Co Ltd, Liverpool (Blue Funnel Line). While managed by the Transport Branch of the Royal Australian Navy she made five journeys from Australia as a troop ship. Commonwealth control ceased on 12 Oct 1917 when her management transferred to the British Admiralty.

On 27 Feb 1941, when about 180 miles W.N.W. of North Aran Island, Co., Donegal, the SS Anchises was bombed by German aircraft. In this attack, 3 passengers died. She lost power and 134 passengers and crew abandoned the ship in six life boats whilst 33 crew members remained on board to try to sail her to Liverpool. Whilst waiting for a salvage tug she was attacked again on 28 Feb 1941 and sank with the loss of 12 lives. The remaining survivors were rescued by HMS Kingcup and HMCS Assiniboine. She was only 70 miles short of the Mersey Estuary. In total, 12 members of the crew and three passengers were killed. One hundred and fifty-six were rescued.

Soldiers carried

Fremantle to Port Suez 2 September 1915 - ? September 1915

Sailed 26 August 1915 from Melbourne, Victoria

Sydney to Liverpool 8 August - 2 October 1917

England to Fremantle 1 November - 25 December 1917

Devonport to Albany 28 February - 7 April 1919

Other Voyages

  • 14 March 1916 from Melbourne, Victoria
  • 24 August 1916 from Sydney, New South Wales; 28 August 1916 from Adelaide.
  • 24 January 1917 from Sydney, New South Wales
  • 28 August 1916 from Adelaide, South Australia
  • 22 August - 5 October 1919 (Plymouth to Adelaide)