HMAT A29 Suevic

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HMAT A29 Suevic
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Courtesy AWM PO4754.001
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Suevic's stern after arrival at Southampton
Name HMAT A29 Suevic
Owner Oceanic SN Co Ltd, Liverpool (White Star Line)
Builder Harland & Wolff, Belfast
Launched 8 Dec 1900
Completed 1901
In service 23 Mar 1901
General characteristics
Type Passenger/cargo (refrigerated) steamship
Tonnage 12,531 tons
Length 565 ft (172.21)
Beam 63.3 ft (19.3m)
Propulsion twin screw
Speed 13.5 knots (25 kph)
Capacity 400 cabin class


Built for Oceanic Steam Navigation Co Ltd, Liverpool (White Star Line). Her maiden voyage was from Liverpool to Cape Town, Albany, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. On 17 Mar 1907 she was stranded on the Stag Rock near Lizard Point, Cornwall and broke in two . The after section was salvaged and a new bow section built, and they were joined at Southampton. She re-entered service in January 1908 and in 1914 became a troop transport.

She was leased by the Commonwealth from late 1914 until 9 Sep 1917 when management was transferred to the British Admiralty. Suevic completed six journeys from Australia with troops, including on 6th June 1916 when it embarked the 44th Battalion from Fremantle for England. In 1918 Suevic brought home a load of sick and wounded men, arriving in Sydney on 13 May.

On 7 Feb 1920 she resumed the London - Sydney - Melbourne service, and was refitted in 1921 to carry 226 x 2nd class passengers. her final voyage was in April 1928 and in October she was sold to Y.Hvistendahl and converted into a whale factory ship at Kiel and renamed Skytteren. In 1940 she was interned at Gothenburg, and when she, along with nine other ships, attempted to break out for England on 1 Apr 1942, she was surprised by the German Navy. The crew then scuttled her off Maseskjaer, Sweden to avoid capture.

Soldiers carried

Portland to Fremantle 11 March - 22 April 1916

Adelaide to Plymouth 31 May - 21 July 1916

44th Battalion Embarked in Fremnalte on 6 June

England to Fremantle 27 September - 12 November 1917

England to Melbourne 29 November 1918 - 5 January 1919

England to Fremantle 23 Jul - 2 Sep 1919

Other Voyages

  • 21 December 1914 from Sydney
  • 13 June 1915 from Sydney
  • 20 December 1915 from Sydney
  • 11 November 1916 from Sydney
  • 21 June 1917 from Melbourne