HMAS Kyabra

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HMAS Kyabra
HMAS Kyabra.jpg
Navy photo
Name HMAS Kyabra
Owner Government of Western Australia
Builder Coastal Construction Company, Montrose, Scotland
Launched 13 Jan 1926
Completed 1926
In service 30 Sep 1940
Out of service 23 Nov 1945
Fate unknown last seen in Austalian waters in 1958
General characteristics
Type Auxiliary anti-submarine vessel
Tonnage 858 tons
Length 204 feet, 2 inches
Beam 31 feet, 1 inch
Depth 11 feet, 10 inches
Propulsion 6 cylinder, single screw
Speed 10.5 knots
Capacity Crew of 55


Commissioned into the Navy on 30 Sep 1940, and used as a tender to the anti-submarine training establishment at HMAS Rushcutter. She spent the war in eastern Australian waters, mainly off the NSW coast , but she did venture as far north as Townsville.

From June 1942 she was used as a convoy escort vessel, and in March 1943 she was used as a seagoing radar training ship. On 23 Nov 1945 she was de-commissioned in Fremantle, and returned to her owners on 25 Mar 1946. Sold to Panamanian interests in 1957, and later re-sold to a company in Singapore, she departed Fremantle under tow in early 1958


Guns: 1 x 4-inch gun; 1 x 2-pounder gun; 2 machine guns Other Armament 2 depth charge throwers

Crew members