8th Supply Personnel Company

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8th Supply Personnel Company

Brief History

The 8th Supply Personnel Company was mobilised at Karrakatta in December 1941, with sections to be raised as required. Beginning by manning a supply depot at Karrakatta and a facility at Midland, they soon established depots at Midland and Spencers Brook. In January 1942 6 Section had detachments at Bunbury, Harvey, Geraldton and on the east/west road, while 7 Section was handling bulk supplies at the West Perth Markets. By march a new 8 Section was established at Karrakatta, and 9 Section had taken over Geraldton and Harvey, with 6 Section now concentrating on the east/west road. In April 1942 a detachment moved to Wyndham, and Company HQ along with 3 Section and 4 Section had moved to West Midland.

Sections rotated in June with 1 Section at Northam, 2 Section; with 2,3 and 4 Sections at West midland and Spencers Brook, 5 and 6 Sections were at Karrakatta, 7 Section at Melville, 8 Section on Rottnest Island, and 9 Section in West Perth. 10 Section worked from Norseman, Goomalling, and Kalgoorlie while 11 Section was handing Harvey, Mullewa and Morowa. 12 and 13 Sections were in reserve at West midland.

In May 1943 Service Corp elements were re-organised, with 8th Supply Personnel Company re-organised to form 7th Australian Supply Depot Company controlling Spencers Brook and Merredin, while 8th Australian Supply Depot Company manned Midland and the smaller units around Western Australia. The detachments at Spencers Brook formed 51 Supply Depot Platoon, 52 Supply Depot Platoon, and 55 Supply Depot Platoon while those in Merredin formed 53 Supply Depot Platoon, and 54 Supply Depot Platoon. In February 1944 54 Supply Depot Platoon transferred to the 8th Supply Depot Company and 53 Supply Depot Platoon left for Victoria. Company HQ and the other platoons continued to operate at Spencers Brook and Merredin until the end of the War

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Content has come from The Unit Guide - Volume 5 - The Australian Army 1939-1945, pages 5.098 & 5.099 - Graham R McKenzie-Smith - Big Sky Publishing - 2018

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