8th Australian General Hospital

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First casualties from Gallipoli entering 8th Australian General Hospital Fremantle AWM HO3507
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1918. Ward scene in 8th Australian General Hospital Fremantle. Credit : Army Museum of Western Australia

Brief History

Established in Fremantle on 1 Jul 1915 to service those injured or ill during training in Australia, and to assess and treat those returned from the war with queries about their ongoing health.

From January 1919 the 26th Australian Auxiliary Hospital was established on the same site to take responsibility for non surgical cases. It contained 128 bed capacity. VD cases in WA were initially housed in the Blackboy Hill Camp Hospital before being moved to Rockingham on 19 Dec 1914, and then from 1 Jan 1919 to Karrakatta. Karrakatta also housed a Details Camp where convalescents remained until they were fit for discharge or to return to Europe. Infectious disease patients were sent to the Albany District Hospital.

Auxiliary Hospitals connected to 8th AGH were:

18th Australian Auxiliary Hospital - established in Perth to treat phthisic patients before their transfer to 22 AAH Woorooloo.

19th Australian Auxiliary Hospital - established in Perth at the outbreak of war to service patients from Blackboy Hill Camp until 8th AGH was established. Later re-established at "The Rocks" Albany from October 1915 until October 1917.

20th Australian Auxiliary Hospital - established at "Biddles" Fremantle and run in conjunction with 8th AGH - 50 bed capacity.

22nd Australian Auxiliary Hospital - established in Woorooloo to handle TB and other patients with lung disease. Opened 13 Feb 1917 - 27 bed capacity.

24th Australian Auxiliary Hospital - established 4 Apr 1918 at "Stromness" in Cottesloe to deal with mental patients - 30 bed capacity.

26th Australian Auxiliary Hospital - established January 1919 at the 8th AGH to handle non surgical patients invluding malaria patients from the Middle East. 128 bed capacity.


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