63rd Australian Supply Depot Platoon

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Brief History

The 63rd Supply Depot Platoon located at the Metropolitan Markets in West Perth was formed from a detachment of the 8th Supply Depot Company. In February 1944 they handed over their role to the 54th Supply Depot Platoon, and relocated to Watsonia in Victoria to join the 22nd Supply Depot Company. When the parent formation moved to New Guinea, the 63rd Supply Depot Platoon remained behind for a time and moved to Strathpine in Queensland in August.

Soon after they were on their way to rejoin the 22nd Supply Depot Company in Lae, New Guinea during September 1944. They relocated in October to Aitape, and after Wewak was captured from the Japanese they moved there in June 1945, followed by Boram in July 1945, remaining there until the war ended.

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Content comes from The Unit Guide Volume 5 - The Australian Army 1939-45 page 5.153

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