33rd Australian Port Operating Company

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33rd Australian Port Operating Company
33rd Port Op Coy.jpg
Personnel of the 33rd Docks Operating Company eating lunch near their newly erected kitchen in the Palmalmal plantation.

Brief History

Australian units were asked to relieve US troops in New Guinea and nearby islands, leading to the necessity of creating a range of new units to create a bse at Jacquinot Bay on the south coast of New Britain in order to restrict the activities of the Japanese in Rabaul on the north coast. One of these units was the 33rd Australian Docks Operating Company . The unit was formed at Meadowbank in New South Wales in August 21944, and after staging in Townsville and then Lae in New Guinea, it arrived in Jacquinot Bay in November. They worked the docks there until the end of hostilities after which a detachment was sent to Rabaul with the 11th Infantry Division to supervise the surrender and to operate the docks there. All docks units had transferred in August to the new Transportation Corps, which was when the unit was renamed 33rd Australian Port Operating Company.

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