25th Light Horse (Machine Gun) Regiment

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Brief History

Formed in 1939 it was the machine gun unit for the 13th Infantry Brigade Group. They were mobilised during December 1941 in Northam camp, with one Squadron responsible for patrolling beaches south of Perth while the rest were held back in reserve to assist in any counter attack. In March 1942 the unit was re-designated as 25 Motor Regiment. For a time elements were tasked with patrolling beaches between Dongara and the Moore River, before the unit was centralised at Gingin to patrol from Lancelin to Wreck Point.

In June 1942 they were re-designated as the 25th Australian Reconnaissance Battalion, and then the 25th Australian Divisional Cavalry Regiment based at Northampton, replacing the 10th Reconnaissance Battalion. From here they were responsible for watching the coast from Port Gregory to the Oakajee river. Their final name change was to 25th Australian Cavalry Regiment.

The reduced threat of invasion led to the removal of a large proportion of the troop in WA, and one of the units to move was the 25th Australian Cavalry Regiment which relocated to Canungra in Queensland in September 1943. Many of the men were transferred to the 43rd Water Transport Operating Company (Landing Craft) and were to later see service in New Guinea.

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The Unit Guide - The Australian Army 1939-45 was the major source for information about this unit.

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