2/6th Australian Field Ambulance

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Wounded from forward area being carried into Main Dressing Station. Dumpu, New Guinea
Name 2/6th Australian Field Ambulance
Where formed Woodside, South Australia
Date formed May 1940
Capacity 200 beds
Locations Woodside, Ikingi Maryut, Northern Palestine, Tripoli, Hill 69, Springbank SA, Nambour, Itiki New Guinea, Ilolo, Uberi, Myolo, Ravenshoe Qld, Port Moresby, Nadzab, Strathpine, Morotai, Balikpapan

General Information

Departed for the Middle East in late 1940 and in Jan 1941 established at Dimra in Palestine in support of the 21st Infantry Brigade. In Apr 1941 it was sent to Ikingi Maryut to prepare for Greece, but circumstances saw it instead moving to Mersa Matruk as part of the blocking force protecting Egypt. Soon after it was relocated to northern Palestine in preparation for the advance into Syria against Vichy French forces. It was in Sardon in June, Damour in July, at Ain Safar at the time of the Armistice, Achache in September, Tripoli in December and back at Hill 69 in January 1942.

Shipped back to Springbank near Adelaide in March 1942, it moved to Nambour in April and May to prepare for tropical service. In August 1942 the unit moved to P{ort Moresby and immediately sent detachments to the Kokoda Track in support of the fighting going on there. It established medical facilities at Itiki in August; Ilolo in September, Uberi in October and Myolo in November 1942.

Withdrawn to Ravenshoe in Queensland for a rest in January 1943, it returned to Port Moresby in August 1943. In September it was airlifted to Nadzab where it moved with Infantry units as they advanced up the Markham Valley. In January 1944 it was relieved and returned to Port Moresby, and in February it returned to Queensland where it established itself at Strathpine, remaining there until the middle of 1945.

In June 1945 it moved to the island of Morotai to prepare for landings in Borneo, and in July they established a medical facility at Balikpapan where they remained for the rest of the war.



Tripoli, Syria

Nadzab, New Guinea

Balikpapan NEI Borneo