2/4th Australian Convalescent Depot

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Brief History

In June 1941 at Nuseirat, Palentine, the 2/1st Convalescent Depot was split to form the new 2/4th Australian Convalescent Depot which then moved to Sidon in Syria to support the 9th Division. Withthe rapid German advance in North Africa, the 9th Division and the Convalescent Depot were rushed back to Egypt. Here the 2/4th Convalescent Depot worked closely with the 2/7th Australian General Hospital, and moved to Tulumbat (Egypt).

Following the victory at El Alamein the 9th Division was able to be released and they returned to Australia. After leave the Convalescent Depot concentrated at Wallgrove in NSW and it was then absorbed into the 2/1st Convalescent Depot during April 1943.


Tulumbat (Egypt)


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