2/13th Australian Infantry Batttalion

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2-13th Bn.jpg
2/13th patrol at Tobruk September 1941 AWM photo 020779

Brief History

The Battalion was formed in April 1940, primarily with men from New South Wales as part of the 7th Infantry Division. It served in North Africa after being reassigned to the 9th Division. It remained in Tobruk after the rest of the Australians were withdrawn, remaining there until Tobruk was relieved. The battalion returned to Australia in 1943.

The battalion participated in campaigns against the Japenese in New Guinea during 1943-1944 and in Borneo in 1945. It was disbanded in 1946. Withdrawn from New Guinea in March 1944, the battalion returned to the tablelands for rest and re-organisation.

Battle Honours

  • Defence of Tobruk
  • El Alamein
  • South-West Pacific 1943–45
  • Lae–Nadzab
  • Liberation of Australian New Guinea
  • Sio
  • Er Regima
  • El Adem Road
  • Tobruk 1941
  • Belhamed
  • Defence of Alamein Line
  • Finschhafen
  • Bumi River
  • Scarlet Beach
  • Defence of Scarlet Beach
  • Jivenaneng–Kumawa
  • Borneo
  • Brunei and Miri.

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