2/12th Australian Commando Squadron

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26 Sep 1945 Kuching, Sarawak
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Brief History

Formed in Ravenshoe, Queensland from the 2/9th Cavalry regiment in January 1944. They spent 1944 and the early part of 1945 training on the Atherton Tableland. As part of the forces earmarked to capture Brunei Bay (to provide a base for the British Pacific Fleet), the 2/12 Commando Squadron moved to Morotai in April 1945 and was divisional reserve during the landing at Labuan Island. They were later responsible for mopping up the island and undertaking topographic work and improving maps of the island.

Following the completion of hostilities, they were part f the Kuching Force which took the surrender n Kuching, Sarawak. With the war over, the ranks of the 2/12th thinned as men were discharged, transferred or volunteered for the Japanese occupation force. In January 1946 those men who were left in the squadron returned to Australia travelling to Chermside Camp, in Brisbane, before going on to Puckapunyal where the 2/12th Commando Squadron was disbanded in February.

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