1st Australian Dermatological Hospital

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Bulford Military Hospital (1ADH)
Name 1st Australian Dermatological Hospital
Where formed Bulford
Date formed November 1916
Capacity 1,500 patients
Locations Codford, England

General Information

Initially established in Abbassia, Egypt during 1915. It later in August - September 1916 relocated to Bulford in England.

The British Army had started to build training camps and garrisons on the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire in the late 1890’s. Once such location was at Bulford which was greatly expanded during the war, becoming home to a number of the New Zealand Regiments. The site also included a hospital and this was passed to the jurisdiction of the Australians who established it as a specialist hospital for venereal diseases, becoming known as 1ADH. At its peak 1ADH was able to accommodate over 1,500 patients, some of which were under guard. Security however was not tight and going absent without leave relatively simple. Eventually criminal patients were treated at Lewes Prison in Sussex.

The Codford Anzac Cemetery contains the graves of 31 Australians and 66 New Zealanders.

Today Bulford Camp is one of the main garrisons for the British Army.


Soldier Patients by date admitted

The number of days includes not only the time in Bulford, but other hospitals prior to admittance as it is the number of non effective days charged against the soldier's pay

1916 Abbassia Egypt

1916 England