105th Australian Military Hospital

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105th Military Hospital Springbank 1.jpg
Officers taking the sun outside Cudmore House
105th Military Hospital Springbank 2.jpg
Main view of the Hospital
Name 105th Australian Military Hospital
Where formed Adelaide
Date formed 10 Jun 1941
Capacity 450 beds
Locations 216 Daws road, Daw Park, South Australia

General Information

During June 1940 the South Australian government agreed to build a new Army hospital, that after hostilities ceased would be a repatriation hospital. Using wartime emergency powers, Cudmore House and 14 adjacent hectares was obtained and used as a temporary HQ. Building work commenced in January 1942 with the site formally handed over to the Army. A month later its first patient was admitted with tents and temporary huts used. The last tent was removed in late 1944 with all patients then in completed buildings.

The facility was used as a repatriation hospital post war until the Commonwealth Government divested itself of all repatriation hospitals in the mid 1990s. Taken over by the SA government, it was closed in November 2017.