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By its very nature, a wiki is a work in progress.

This section of the wiki contains information transcribed from the gravestones and plaques in the cemetery by volunteers and may contain some inaccuracies.

Several of the stones were in poor condition and some of the information was not easily legible. The transcriptions of these are as accurate as possible.

Staff and volunteers of the Birtwistle Local Studies Library are continually working on the information; editing, correcting, and updating as needed.

Wikis are designed to encourage community input to ensure information is as complete and accurate as possible.

Please let Birtwistle Library know of any amendments or changes needed, either by phone or email so please contact us – changes only take a few minutes to make.

Click here to view St-Mary-in-the-Valley Cemetery records.

Click here to read about unmarked burials.


Cemetery wide Roberts CF.JPG

                                        [Photograph by Colleen Fancote, 2015]