No. 70 Operational Training Unit RAF

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Brief History

This unit was formed at Ismailia in Egypt on 10 December 1940. Its task was to train pilots to operate in Middle Eastern conditions and as such was equipped to train twin-engined crews, single seat fighter pilots and crews for communications duties. From 25 Apr 1941 it was split into two sections as No 70 and Fighter OTU. In June 1941 the bomber element became independent as No 70 OTU again.

A detachment operated at Nakuru in Kenya from March to July 1941, when it was joined by the main unit, the first course from its new location began in August. In June 1942 it began to receive Martin Baltimore aircraft. Also in June 1942 it absorbed two smaller units, the Beam Approach Training Unit from Nanyuki and the Transport Training Flight. In May 1943 it began moving to Shandur, but this was not completed until August, when it came under the control of No 203 Group. At the same time Marauders replaced the Bristol Blenheims and it continued in its assigned duties until disbanding on 16 July 1945.



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