No. 17 Repair and Salvage Unit RAAF

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17 RSU.jpg
17 Repair & Salvage Unit Convoy with recovered Vultee Vengeance - RAAF photo

Brief History

17 Repair and Salvage Unit was formed at RAAF Pearce on 19 May 1942. On 29 June 1942, the Unit moved to Cunderdin, where it took over Halbert's garage for vehicle rcpa1rs and Baxter's homestead, 'Burnside'. Once the unit became operational various aircraft including Beaufort, Buffalo, Wirraway, Kittyhawk, Anson, Hudson and Brewster were allocated for either repairs or salvage. In 1943, a squadron of Boomerangs was posted to the area, and the aircraft came to the unit for repairs. In February 1943 two hangars were completed and two canvas hangers were erected at Halbert's garage for the servicing of vehicles.

On 21 May 1943, the Unit had its first a1r raid alarm when enemy aircraft flew overhead (?). The unit formed a strong bond with the local residents at Cunderdin wh were disappointed when the unit returned to Pearce on 13 Jul 1944. The unit commenced to disband on 12 Feb 1946

Unit Personnel


Content has come from Units of the Royal Australian Air Force - A Concise History - Volume 7 Maintenance Units, Australian Government Publishing Service 1995.

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